There is something you should know about purchasing Real Estate.

Many people do not know what a Buyer's Broker is and that is what I want to explain to you. Everyone purchasing a home should have full representation by working with a Buyer's Broker. Did you know that when you respond to a real estate advertisement or visit an open house, you are being greeted by a representative of the seller, also known as the listing agent. They are contracted and legally bound by the seller to procure the highest price for the seller. When you visit a model home in a new home development you are typically greeted by their company agent. Their first words he or she will say is "please sign our quest registrar". They want you to sign so they can work with you without you having your own representation.

The Buyer's Broker represents YOU and your interests without concern for the seller.

Why would you want to purchase a home from a Realtor that is representing the seller! It would be like, working with another person´s attorney in a legal negotiation. Their attorney wouldn´t advise you of your legal rights.

The purchase of your home is one of the most important decisions of your life! Make that decision by being informed.

When making a purchase of a home, it is one of the most important financial decision of your life, make it with someone representing you, your Buyer's Broker.
A Buyer's Broker represents YOU and your interests without concern for the seller. A Buyer's Broker will search, locate and negotiate the lowest possible price exclusively for you.

Best of all, my Buyer's Broker Service costs you NOTHING!

And guess what! The Buyer's Broker doesn't charge you a fee. You do not have to pay him a single cent. The Buyer's Broker receives a percentage commission from a stated commission posted on the MLS sheet. The Buyer pays nothing. Always insist upon having your full representation. Thank you for your attention.

"I negotiate the lowest possible price for my buyers. Why? Through hard work and experience, I've discovered that if I take absolutely the best care of my buyers by helping them get everything they need in their next home, and by negotiating a lower price, they will pay me back many times over by referrals to their friends and associates. It is also the least expensive form of advertising... word of mouth! We all win!" "As an investor in real estate since 1979, I've enjoyed the search and the negotiation of the right price for the right property in the right location. Always having in mind the eventual resale of the property. Now you can benefit from my experience."

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DON'T choose a real estate agent working for the seller!
DON'T choose a real estate agent offering to work for you as a buyer's broker unless they can prove their experience!
DO choose an experienced professional Buyer's Broker.... John Barnett
A Buyer's Broker will save you time, money, and aggravation!