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About Choosing the Best Realtor

When choosing a Realtor, many real estate books and internet sites suggest that you get a recommendation from a friend or neighbor. This is not the correct way to find a full-time, experienced and knowledgeable Realtor. Here are suggestions as to how to find the best...

  • Look for Experience: How many years has the Realtor been in business? Minimum of ten years is a good start; and it should be ten consecutive years.

  • Look for Education: In real estate, there are many levels of education. In Arizona, it is necessary for Realtors to know about Contract Law, Agency Law, Federal Fair Housing Laws, Disclosure Law and Real Estate Legal issues. Be sure the Realtor you're working with is well tutored in these issues.

  • Selling or buying a home should be like any other business transaction, but all too often sellers of buyers make emotional or impulsive decisions that cost them money and time. Choosing the right Realtor to market a property and negotiate a sale or purchase is an extremely important decision.

  • Be cautious of friend and relative Realtors. Most likely it is better to keep them friend and relatives by not working with them. Don't feel you have an oblication to work with them because of a special relationship. Choosing a Realtor is a business decision. It is also one of the largest financial decisions you will make in your life. Don't gamble your finances on inexperience. WORK with a PRO!

ABR is a Buyer's Broker educational designation which means Accredited Buyer's Representation. It is the Real Estate Buyer's Agent Council benchmark of excellence in buyer's representation. (Buyer's Broker)

CRS is a real estate designation of the highest order. It signifies that a Realtor has accumulated a high volume of sales per year for at least five years and/or a high million dollar figure per year, plus a high standard of real estate education. Only Five per cent of all Realtors in the country have earned this prestigious credential.